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tv   The Daily Rundown  MSNBC  February 25, 2011 9:00am-10:00am EST

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here. let's go to washington. pat, what did you learn today? >> he's not going back. >> i learned that joe arborough thinks the american military should buy its aircraft from france instead of from boeing, from the united states of america. >> that's great. why don't we have a no-bid contract? >> france. >> you and pat buchanan write your book on protectionism. have a bid process. >> pat buchanan, always great to have you. have a great weekend. same with you, lauren. have a great weekend. breaking news this morning, that ferry carrying evacuated americans from libya has finally, after two days sitting in port, departed this morning expected to arrive in malta
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later this afternoon. plus, it was well after midnight, a late night, early morning in wisconsin. democrats in the state assembly cry foul after republicans vote to pass the bill taking away union rights. what comes next? what say you, state senate? did the 2012 presidential race finally begin? mike huckabee attacks mitt romney over health care and romney doesn't duck, he doubles down. it's february 25, 2011. i'm pretty excited about this. let's bring it on. >> good morning, everyone. i'm savannah guthrie. also this morning, it's oscar weekend so it's all aboáa"át fashion and i guess the movies, too. >> they do do something about movies. >> i think there are about 45 movies nominated this year. we're going to have a live report from the red carpet coming up. we're going to get into that, but first let's get into the news and the rundown begins in
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wisconsin. republicans in the state assembly passed that union bill and it happened before democrats appeared to know what hit them. around 1:00 in the morning while protestors were sleeping outside the chamber, republicans ended three days of debate, voted and passed the bill, triggering an uproar from their colleagues across the aisle. that was the scene. the vote was so fast, only 13 of the 38 democrats in the chamber even got a chance to register a vote. republicans marched out single file, democrats screaming "coward" and chanting "shame, shame, shame." we're live in madison. mike, i won't ask how late you were up last night, but the issue, fof course, has not been whether it could pass the assembly but whether it could pass the senate and that's still very much an open question. >> it very much is, savannah. i was talking to people until 10:00 or 11:00 last night to
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people who didn't understand the debate lasted as long as it did when there had been a talk of limiting the amendments. a filibuster might be the right word, and as you say, the republicans pulled out a move just after 1:00 in the morning to end the debate summarily. it reminded me of that rob reiner movie where the president said, democracy isn't easy. it takes an advanced degree. it's hard work. i think on both sides the republicans trying to end this thing, at least in the assembly, the democrats trying to stretch it out. the state senate here still has to vote and they're not going to be able to vote while they remain over the illinois state line. they vowed again last night on d show and they vowed in interviews with us as well saying they're not going to come back. they're not going to give governor scott walker an easy
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way. the budget relief bill, as he and republicans cast it, that's not going to happen today, it's not going to happen over the weekend, so this stalemate continues despite the theatrics last night. >> we're very impressed that you used a movie reference. we'll be following that later. thanks very much, mike. let's go to the big story internationally, the breaking news out of libya today. the boat carrying 167 americans finally is on the move out of tripoli headed to malta. bad weather had prevented the boat from leaving for three days, and it's in malta that we find nbc's martin fletcher. >> hi, jack, savannah. can you imagine what it must have been like for two days for 167 americans stuck on that ferry in tripoli waiting for better weather? they should be landing here at the port in malta in about five hours, depending on the weather.
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now, the high winds and the terrible waves, up to 16-foot swells, stopped that boat from leaving for two days. it also slowed down another ship arriving here. it's the h.s.s. cumberland bringing brits to malta. we were just now able to get in word from the boat with the americans. we can imagine what conditions must have been like for two days on the ferry, no beds. they finally got food. it seems like people coping a lot better than i certainly would if i was in that situation. here's what one of the passengers told cnbc news. people are considerate and gracious considering how tired everyone is. the embassy has been wonderful anticipating needs, and last night a passenger tells us the ferry service managed to be on board, hot meals for everyone. our confidence in their ability is high. hope to beç in malta soon.
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so in five hours hopefully the americans will arrive in malta the end of a nightmare. >> gracious, indeed. martin fletcher, they'll have many stories to tell. i know you'll be in malta ready to receive them. thank you for your report this morning. in the meantime, gadhafi is trying to strengthen his grip on tripo tripoli. in parts of the west, the rebels are now in control. jim masada is on the tonesian side. hi, jim. >> good morning. the 40-plus rules in the eastern part of the country, first there is an overwhelming sense of joy and relief. people are seeing that gadhafi forces are pulling out not only from the second largest city but from every city and town as well, and leaving them to organize their own democracy. they're organizing committees for local governments. we're seeing vigilante groups
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form in the cities. this is a democracy, something libyans have never seen. but over here in the western half of the country, it's a very different feel. we're sensing here in tunisia, for instance, close to the border with libya, there is tremendous trepidation amongst lip ya libyans. they're flowing in every day now, and they say they're leaving a tripoli capital that's really in a state of lockdown. they're reporting that pro-gadhafi forces have ringed that city of 2 million with beefed-up forces, mercenaries and what have you. forces were supposed to arrive in the capital of tripoli, but so far nothing like that at all has manifested itself. still, the fighting is going on. there have been four or five major flashpoints in the west
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and this fighting is creeping towards the capital of tripoli, which is starting to have a feel, really, of being -- they are still firmly in control of that town, though they're worried there might be a counter-attack after friday prayers. chuck, savannah, back to you. >> on the tunisian side of the libyan border. the president has reached out to france, italy and the u.k. hoping to reach a united front of the special sessions today in the united nations and nato. there is a full array of options on the table. a stronger u.n. security council product, as someone told me. mexico wants to immediately suspend libya and kick them off the human rights council. that's probably going to happen
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today. the idea of a no-fly zone. we can get into that in a second. freezing assets of either the country, individuals or a little bit of both, and then some sort of executive order by the president to do some initial sanctions in target. it looks like today there is a nato meeting. somebody will bring up the idea of a no-fly zone. >> as you say, there is a menu of options. you don't go immediately to a no-fly zone or a military option. i think they'll go the sanctions route first based on my reporting and your reporting with senior officials. what is really notable here is this is the u.s. trying to work with these multi-lateral organizations, trying to align itself with other countries, which they don't want to do. the reason they didn't mention gadhafi by name when the president finally spoke on camera about this is they don't want to make the dynamic between the u.s. and libya, because they think that's what gadhafi wants them to do, which might have some sway in a region that has
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some anti-american sentiment. >> these actions then gives the united states the cover to freeze most of the assets of the gadhafi family, and that's probably step one. it'sç going to be a long weeke. >> hit them where it hurts might be one of the key tactics there. let's move to texas where federal officials say a tip from a shipping company helped them unravel a serious plot from a would-be terrorist who apparently was hiding in plain sight for years. the 21-year-old college student heads to court later today accused of spending years me thodically planning attacks on a range of targets including the former home of president george w. bush as well as nuclear fights in this country. pete, tell us about this case. it's fascinating to hear how federal officials got involved and got their man. >> right, and they say this was no mere sting but was, in fact, a long-planned terror plot moving toward its final stages. prosecutors say he was living in
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lubbock, texas and had gathered nearly all the materials he needed to make a powerful military-style bomb, and it was his request to get one last chemical that tripped him up. just three weeks ago in north carolina, a chemical company notified the fbi that he ordered a suspiciously large supply of it, and a shipping company in lubbock also alerted police when he ordered to have the chemicals sent to his office because hazardous materials couldn't be shipped to his apartment. after getting these tips, the fbi secretly searched his apartment and e-mails, and in a handwritten diary, he said he had been planning an attack in u.s. since he was in saudi arabia where he worked hard to get the saudi scholarships that allowed him to come here. he also said this. after mastering the english language, learning how to build explosives and continuous planning to target the infidel,
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it is time for jihad. he looked in the streets for car bombs, but savannah, investigators say he had not actually prepared a bomb or selected a target. >> all right. pete williams in our washington newsroom with apparently another onw of these loan wone wolfs. state democrats are still awol. how long can this go on? one of the on-the-lam lawmakers talks live next. do i have to stop complaining about where all republican candidates are? it looks like they're coming out of the woodwork or at least we're having a campaign. we're going to see a whole bunch of democratic governors hanging out at the white house today. you're watching the daily run on msnbc. we'll be right back.
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that was the floor of the wisconsin assembly after a bitter 61-hour debate. the assembly passed that controversial bill early this morning$at would strip public workers of most of their collective bargaining rights. >> of course, the real fight is in the state senate where democrats show no sign of returning to the state as a deadline imposed by scott walker to refinance the state debt approaches but also his own deadline on issuing layoff notices. democratic state senator chris larson still out of state joins us now, and senator larson, when will you go back to madison?
9:17 am
>> right. well, if the events in the assembly are any indication, this is what they're trying to do. they're trying to use old tactics, they're trying to rush this thing through without the public input. we've had historic outpouring of support. 10,000 people have mamprched at capital. we've seen this since the '60s. people want to be heard about how this affects them and their families. unfortunately, this governor and these republican senators are still not lirstening. and until that happens, until they take this backwards budget bill off the table, there is nothing really to go back to. >> senator, let me play you what governor walker said most recently yesterday and we can talk about it. >> i'd do almost anything to avoid having to lay someone off because i knew that wasn't just a worker, that was somebody's family. what we're trying to do here is avoid layoffs not only of state workers but to avoid layoffs in our schools, in our cities, in our towns, in our counties.
9:18 am
>> senator, what's your response? the governor says he's going to have to now lay off workers because he can't get a deal with the democrats. what's your response to that? >> right. what's really unfortunate about this is this is a tactic that he's used before, and unfortunately, it's nothing more than a tactic that really frightens workers throughout wisconsin. i've had a few friends who have called me with tears in their eyes talking about the layoff notice they've gotten in the mail saying, is this for real? and i had to think for a minute and think, okay, maybe this is actually happening. he actually did the same thing about a year and a half ago when he was county executive and i was on the county board and he was trying to force our hand on another budget issue that didn't end ub materializing. so this is actually just a political tool he's trying to use, and it's unfortunate that he's using people's lives and people's hivelivelihoods in a
9:19 am
political gain. >> are you saying you don't think he'll go through with public layoffs? >> it actually changes 50 years of history, workers' rights in wisconsin, and reverses those. like i said, we've seen outpouring of support like never before. this is probably the worst bill wisconsin has ever seen. if this thing passes, not only do workers end up getting -- losing their rights, they end up losing the ability to ever gain those rights back again. it's truly serious. >> so you don't believe he's going to go through with the layoffs or you do believe he's going to go through with the layoffs if you don't return today? >> no, i don't believe he's going to go through with the layoffs. >> and let me ask you this. how close are you to finding three senate republicans? that's what you need to do to come up with some sort of compromise, whether it's the two-year moratorium on collective bargaining rights that one state senator threw out there or something else. are you any closer to finding
9:20 am
three republicans to work with? >> right. well, my democratic colleagues have been working the phones and talking to their friends. you know, talking to the friends on the other side of the aisle and seeing what we can do. what's important in this vote that happened in the assembly yesterday is that it wasn't along party lines. the republicans didn't have the same rubber stamps that they used to. there was four who broke from the ranks and voted with the democrats even given there was only a few seconds to vote. so we're hoping that, especially after this walker tape came out, that his honeymoon is over and that some of these republican senators are looking to represent their people instead of being walker's rubber stamp. >> chris larkin from a book shelf somewhere. thank you for being on our show this morning. we appreciate it. >> and a reminder, this surnd on "meet the press," governor scott walker will be the guest this weekend. >> it's been one of the most
9:21 am
volatile weeks on wall street in months. a check on the markets before the bell is next. plus, "the daily rundown" goes hollywood. we'll be live on the red carpet, chuck, for an oscar preview. >> what do you wear? >> same old suit i wear every weekend. it's usually said by officials accusing a reporter of writing something that's hyped or overblown. >> it's usually as a headline in a lead where the facts and the actual story don't match the lead in the headline. administration officials really upset, by the way, over a "new york times" story this week about iran and felt that that was overwritten. >> used in a sentence. if you have some washington speak you'd like us to clarify, send us an e-mail, daily rundown at the precision pen glides over lips
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president is trying to ease fears about oilç prices. they're up $14 a barrel just in the past week. becky has a look at how it's impacting the markets, and becky, i'm sure you're watching the comments as closely as we have, and they're really trying to downplay the risk here saying the u.s. is in a position to ride out this situation in libya. >> that's right, savannah, and the markets seem to be playing along with that idea today. right now oil prices up by just 6 cents, but this is a big pull-back from what we had seen at the highs yesterday. crude oil trading at 93.31. yesterday i saw prices trading as high as $103. this is a big pull-back, and that's very good news. it looks like we'll see the market open up by 55 points. we've seen strong gains like this because it's three days in a row we've seen big declines for the stock market. the president talking about some of these things, and that helps. the market also getting some
9:26 am
signs from saudi arabia who has been saying all along for the next 24 hours or so that they will be very willing to step in and fill any of the supply that's getting cut off or shut in by libya, so all of these things adding up to a little bit of calm, and the american number has been the one to watch all week long. if you had been rip van winkle and you had been asleep all week, you would wake up and be shocked by this. this is a huge jump. last week we were trading around 83, $84. but all of these things are adding up, and people, including the president, and a couple economists, too, all saying, look, if this is a temporary blip, this is something we certainly can ride out and the market is going to reflect that today. >> we'll see. thank you very much. six weeks versus three months, that's a different story. all right, you know the refrain. where are the jobs? my interview with jeffrey,
9:27 am
president obama's new point man, plan for digging the country out. >> well done. with a government shutdown looming. democrats say they are searching for cuts in all the right places. >> but first, today's trivia question. which current governor did the late senator robert byrd refer to as "little caesar"? i like this. the answer coming up when we come back. winter can be beautiful.
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to try lifting one of these. a unique sea salt added to over 40 campbell's condensed soups. it helps us reduce sodium, but not flavor. so do a few lifts. campbell's.® it's amazing what soup can do.™ >> let's look what's driving friday. >> that u.s.-char tered ferry carrying americans has left libya bound formali malta, and just learned a flight is preparing evacuations and they
9:31 am
expect that flight to take off today. there are charges he attempted to use weapons of mass destruction. the 21-year-old had ideas on president george bush's former texas home.ç president obama is about to have his winter meeting. the discussion will about on how to grow the economy. officials in kentucky are searching for an amish girl who was swept away when a horse and buggy overturned in a creek. officials found her clothes there. the bodies of three other children have been found earlier. this morning a pakistani court dismissed u.s. demand for the release of raymond davis charged with murder in pakistan. davis argued he should be given immunity and refused to sign a charge sheet.
9:32 am
the airlines have awarded one of the biggest contracts ever to boeing to build fuel tankers. the $30 billion contract will add tens of thousands of jobs to the states of kansas. the future king and queen kicked off celebrations for the university's 600th anniversary. and there they are. >> we're already calling them the future king and queen. he's, like, two spots away. he's not even directly next. prince charles has a little say on that and it doesn't sound like he wants to give up that right. >> i'm sorry. you're right. okay. >> well, the president's new job council met for the first time yesterday in the white house. president obama asked members to focus on concrete plans to lower the unemployment rate to urge the private sector to lead the way on job creation.
9:33 am
part owner of nbc chairs this advisory group and i spoke with him about his hopes for this council. >> so, tucker, i think the idea is to pull together mainly private sector folks and try to focus on short and long-term initiatives that can drive competitiveness over the long term but jobs in the short term. >> what's government still need to do? is there any more certainty that needs to be there, or do you feel like you gotç it all? >> i think there are a number of things the private sector can do. but i think a little bit on tax policy, a little bit on regulatory reform. this has got broad backing from the business community. it's not really a g.e. focus. lower corporate tax rate. and i think there is a need for good regulation, but there is, in some cases, the regulation is outdated and really does hurt job creation. >> this issue of infrastructure spending, government spending.
9:34 am
right now government spending has been demonized. it's politically, obviously polarized. whose job is it to fix that? you need to convince the political leaders saying it's greater politics. is that your job, his job, whose job? >> it is certainly both our jobs. i would make two comments. one is, the private sector has to leave. the government doesn't have money to spend. i talked to everybody on both sides. everybody says they want to have things like nuclear power. there is no nuclear power investment going on right now. so you've got to look at yourself in the mirror and say, you know, i can't say this out of one side of my mouth and turn around and not do anything out of the other side. >> collective bargaining overall, good thing for the economy, bad thing -- >> here's what i would say. i respect the workers that work for g.e. the ones that want to be represented, i respect them just
9:35 am
as much as our representatives. it's hard to run a company like g.e. trying to drive a division between classes of people. i don't run a company that way. if our employees want to be represented, i treat the union with respect. >> a year ago, greece and its debt problems truly put a halt or slowed down the economic recovery. this uncertainty in the middle east, is that, frankly, a bigger driver right now than anything else? >> i just got back from a week in the middle east, and i was in saudi and various places.ç people have to learn to just hold their breath. we live in a more volatile world. it's greece one day, egypt the next. this is just the time we live in. if people can be a little bit patient and let it run its course, they're going to find out that oil is back down, you know, 10, 15 bucks where it started, and things will keep -- not to diminish the social issues, but i just think these things get magnified where people ought to just maybe sit
9:36 am
back and let's just watch it unfold. >> how much time of your day does this take? >> maybe a couple days a month. i'm a g-man, so that's what i do. that's what i do. >> all right. >> one of the bosses. both of our bosses were there yesterday. brian roberts, by the way, ceo of comcast, is also on this council. >> i hope you're not wearing your jc penney suit you mentioned earlier. >> fair enough. >> the senate returns monday to hammer out a short-term fix to handle a government shutdown. they're up against a deadline, march 4, exactly one week from today. >> they still have contingency plans ready just in case. capitol hill correspondent kelly o'donnell, and kelly, i've been told a lot of work will actually happen this weekend before they officially get back on monday, but, boy, they seem really far
9:37 am
apart right now, harry reid and john boehner. >> it's been quite a week, and yes, some reporters reaching out to conference calls because some are spread in the far corners and their home states, talking about what to do next. it seems like we're headed to that appearance of brinkmanship, but at the same time, nobody wants to appear grossly unreasonable. so you're getting hints they're going to find some sort of solution. as you know, house republicans are offering some sort of short-term fix which is just a prorated version of what they already passed. senators and democrats in particular have not liked that, but they've been willing to look at things in the budget that could be put aside and to come up with some cuts, things like earmarked money that will not be spent because of this new moratorium to put aside earmarks for the next couple years, at least. trying to send the signals while politically holding their positions has democrats to a lesser extent saying republicans
9:38 am
are being too brutal on this and house republicans behind boehner saying this is a time to cut. while they claim they don't want to shut down the government, they're going to try to push this to really enact some cuts. >> well, kelly, we haven't seen the president too far out in front in terms of what he's doing with lawmakers. is there any rumbling on capitol hill about whether the president should try to come in and get the parties together and get a deal, or are they happy to be left alone to try to hammer it out themselves? >> certainly the republicans are saying this is the time for the president to lead, and i know democrats are sending signals to the white house about some places in the budget where they think they could find some compromise. so certainly senate democrats don't want the president to get too far out front just yet because they like this to be their corner of the pie, but house republicans are pushing that with a lot of sort of jabing to say the president is one figure in a situation like this where there is so much at stake yet so far apart where he could show some leadership.
9:39 am
we'll see that dance play out. expect it to be a long, long, busy week, and march 4 is the target date, and it would seem everyone would get as close to that as they possibly can. >> get the inflatable mattress out. >> carbo load. it's a marathon. eat you're wheaties, kelly. >> thank you very much. during the tiwhich current the late senator robert byrd refer to as "little caesar"? it's governor mitch daniels. i'm guessing mr. appropriations man over there might have butted headsç a few times. little caesar, though, that's interesting. finally, the moment a lot of us have been waiting for. mike huckabee went on the
9:40 am
attack. is the unofficial kickoff of the 2012 political race finally happened? >> they seem to be in it. we're going to look at the likely republican field coming up. >> well, it's friday, so what does that mean on the soup of the day? we know it's some sort of fish day. today is clam chowder. it's raining. it feels like a day you should be out on the dock. the longshoreman, did it go out or not? they eat some oyster crackers and chowder. >> you really vish you'ualize t can see. host: could switching to geico really save you
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9:44 am
program to start charging you by the mile you drive because cars in oregon, that's where it's taking place, because they think the gas tax may be -- because theser(p)s are getting too goo of gas mileage. >> i bet that's popular. they've been flirting, implying, suggesting and not quite running. here they are. >> it is going to take a lot more than new rhetoric to put americans back to work. it's going to take a new president. >> running for president is not like saying, i think i'd like to have strawberry instead of vanilla. it is a big thing you put your family through. >> governor is the job in the united states and the world that is the closest job to being president. >> nobody is more qualified, really, to multi-tasking and doing all the things you need to do as president than a woman as a mom. >> so you're running, then? >> i'll let you know that very soon, neal. >> well, but guess what? i think the 2012 campaign
9:45 am
actually began this week. mitt romney is playing defense for the first time on the master health care plan. to break that down, take a look at where the field is and it's actually solidified. political director for msnbc news. where did we say the race began? mike huckabee on this book tour has written about what he calls romneycare. here's what he said about health care and mitt romney. >> i don't think it's a killer issue for him. i think he can get out of it, but he's got to be up front and say, look, we tried that. it didn't work. and even without an overt apology, the explanation could be, we tried this. we tried it in good faith. b what a person can't really do is say, i tried this and it worked great when it didn't. >> there's mike huckabee's take on mitt romney and the health care issue. massachusetts with a mandate used as a model on the state level for president obama's health care plan. here's what mitt romney
9:46 am
spokesm spokesman eric fehrnstrum said, quote, mitt romney is proud of what he accomplished for massachusetts in getting everyone çcovered. what's important now is to return to the states the power to determine their own health care solutions by repeeling obamacare. >> sarah palin's people piled on on twitter saying, you know, romney is so proud of romneycare. >> proud, right. >> we talked about this today, that yes, there is kind of a first rights state defense that romney has, but as the tea party has that libertarian influence, people don't like romneycare of any kind whether it's a state mandate or any mandate in the state of massachusetts.
9:47 am
>> we have some candidates who are all but declared, but then david brooks writing in the "new york times" today. this is the gop quandary. the man who would be the party's strongest candidate for the presidency is seriously thinking about not running. >> i'm having dinner with a close friend of mitch daniels this week who is of the belief that mitch daniels is going to run. in the same way that talking to political operatives in south carolina who have been working with hailey barber, they're convinced that hailey barber is going to run. and mitt is like, until someone says i'm actually a candidate for president, there is always the mario cuomo problem. he was set to run in '92, the plane was set to fly on the day
9:48 am
of the filing date, and he said he wasn't running. >> there are two sets of candidates we break down today. mitt romney, tim pawlenty, huntsman, barbour. >> his people have said in the next few weeks. he's going to beç first. rick santorum, who might be one of the people getting in -- >> he is hiring a lot of staff. >> he is hiring a lot of staff in the key states of iowa and new hampshire. and romney, which is very interesting, his folks have been really mum is when their guidance would be. they've actually really started to be very quiet outside of that cpac speech that romney gave. >> and a lot of candidates, particularly on the far right, are waiting to see what sarah palin does. she's apparently not going after the big dollar donors and they might not get locked up.
9:49 am
>> put me down as saying after hearing sarah palin a week ago, i came away with the strong impression that she's not running. she knows she cannot surmount hostility in the press and a reluctance to leave alaska. >> the filing deadline doesn't take place till what, now? october or november? until that time, the plane will be on the albany tarmac. >> mark murray from nbc, thank you. and jennifer will be talking to mike huckabee on her show, so you want to stay with us for that. and at a town hall in georgia on tuesday, tom brown was asked, quote, who is going to shoot obama? brown responded, the thing is, i know there is a lot of frustration with this president. we're going to have an election next year.
9:50 am
hopefully we'll elect someone who is going to be a conservative, limited government president that will take a smaller, who will sign a bill that takes care of obamacare. you may remember last month, brown drew criticism when he tweeted during the state of the union, mr. president, you don't believe in the constitution, you believe in socialism. >> well, we're going to go a little lighter on here. we'll go to oscar's live red carpet. friday çpreview. hollywood's big night. we'll see if i know more than one best picture nominee. trust me i know one because i've seen it 17 times. >> that's a giveaway. we'll be right back.
9:51 am
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chuck, it's your favorite time the year. oscar fashion time. the red carpet will light up this sunday for the 83rd acadmey awards. >> we go live to hollywood with
9:54 am
a preview. christian i shouldn't ask you what you're wearing but let's be semi serious. what are the potential surprises in store, is the kings speech got all the momentum here and it's theirs for the taking? >> reporter: i have to say it does have a lot of momentum. i'm not even sure what i'm wearing. . i'm not oscar ready just yet. ""the king's speech"" has a lot of momentum. we spoke with a gentleman who is the director of racing sports operations of the win in las vegas. he's been tracking oscar odds for more than 15 years. he's right about 70% of the time he says "the king's speech" will be knighted with the oscar on oscar night but he also says don't so.9q out "the social network", that's running in a close second. the other big category here, of course, best actor. again he thinks "the king's speech" will rein in that category. he says that colin firth has
9:55 am
outstanding odds for taking home oscar gold. 1-8. that will definitely be an interesting category to watch. another one, best actress. natur natalie portman is ahead, 1-4 for her odds to winning. annete bening is a close second. it's illegal to bet on the oscars even in las vegas. but it's a lot of fun to talk about. >> all my kids talk about is can "toy story" win? it gets nominated in this phone engineer extended nomination. >> reporter: i think i lost a signal. i'm having trouble hearing you. >> i guess that's the universe telling us to wrap up. chuck, i want to say i found
9:56 am
another 2012 candidate. jimmy mcmillan who you know from the star of the rent is too damn high party. he's running for president but as raea republican. he told a reporter he's switching parties because the democratic party sucked. >> i am bringing my party to the republican party because they need help. i'm a registered republican. i was a democrat when i was on the gubernatorial debate. we're a strong force now in the race. >> i guess, you know, he's at least got a 50-50 shot. >> until these other candidates declare. so that's it for "the daily rundown". >> coming up next, chris jansing and company that mike huckabee. what will he say aboutç mitt romney next. >> and at 1:00, andrea mitchell. have a great weekend. see you monday. nasal symptoms like congestion
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